Bonnie & Taylor Sims (USA)

7.000 kr exkl. moms

Målgrupp: åk 5–9
Period: ht 19, v 45–46
Speltid: 40 min
Max publik: 75 x 2 eller 4 klassrumsbesök
Lokal: samlingslokal, aula, idrottshall, klassrum
Scenyta: 3 x 3 meter
Bygg-/rivtid: 60/30 min
Pris: 7.000 kr för 2 konserter i samma lokal samma dag eller 1 offentlig
Övrigt: Material att jobba med före och efter konserten kommer att finnas
Producent: Maria Larsson, 0707-20 58

Den här turnén är en del av projektet UNGA Folk med stöd av Kulturrådet.

Bonnie Sims: vocal, madolin
Taylor Sims: vocal, guitar

Foto: Jason Innes Photography


Bonnie & Taylor Sims, neo-traditional American musicans from Colorado, are bringing a musical program to Sweden that explores revolution and self expression through song: Stand Up & Sing Out. With strong harmonies and skilful guitar and mandolin instrumentation, they write and perform real Americana music that is truly their own.

Bonnie and Taylor are from Texas now living in the Rocky Mountains. Their school concert is about how music can get your voice heard, how it can change your life.

”It’s a greate opportunity for Swedish kids to meet and listen to thesse amazing musicians playing traditional & new music from the Rocky Moutains!”

The concert is in English!

Bonnie Sims began singing as soon as she could walk, and has been at home onstage nearly as long. She started touring with her father at age 14 in and around Texas. Educated in vocals and mandolin at South Plains College Bonnie carries on the musical tradition of her father, a life long Texas banjo paying legend and songwriter.

Taylor Sims sings & plays flat-top guitar and is an award-winning songwriter and recording artist from wide open spaces of West Texas. Also educated at South Plains College he has given his life to music and composing in different bands.

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